A $650 Billion Opportunity

Americans are increasingly interested in the environmental, social, and governance impact of their investment portfolios. As prior research by Hope Consulting has shown, Americans are willing to put an additional $120 billion in impact investments, but financial advisors are not yet proactively recommending these products. To understand whether advisors were reluctant to recommend these sustainable and impact investments, Hope Consulting analyzed financial advisors’ willingness to sell these investments. We found that nearly forty percent of advisors are strongly interested in recommending these products to their clients. These advisors tend to be strong performers that are relatively early in their careers, suggesting that they view sustainability as a differentiator in their practice. Advisors are willing to place 2.5 percent of their assets under management—or roughly $650 billion—in sustainable and impact investments. To discover what advisors are looking for to make these investments, please download the Gateways to Impact report here.

Work completed in partnership with Deutsche Bank, Envestnet, the Calvert Foundation, the Metanoia Fund, the Rockefeller Foundation, and Veris Wealth Partners.