A $15 Billion Shift in Charitable Donations

In 2009, Hope Consulting observed that many foundations and nonprofits sought to provide giving and impact investment opportunities that didn’t seem consistent with consumer demand. To ground out what Americans did want in charitable giving and impact investing, Hope Consulting led the Money for Good initiative. The initiative’s first research report, published in 2010, provided the first comprehensive view of affluent Americans’ demand for charitable giving and impact investing since 1994’s The Seven Faces of Philanthropy. The initiative’s second report, published in 2011, provided a more granular look at the research habits of individual donors, donor advisors, and foundation grant-makers, identifying how these groups use research today and where their needs are unmet. If these groups’ information needs were met today, we estimate that $15 billion a year could be shifted to higher-performing nonprofits. That’s a lot of money.

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